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Mark Risby
Mark Risby
posted 16 hours ago

This is my second batch of treatment under Capital. Despite working in town, I live local to the Handforth site. The gym facilities are incredible and it's very convenient to see Riz prior to or after a gym session. Can't thank him enough for his knowledge and expertise, and Lifestyle Fitness packs the brawns to match the brains!

Joshua Gibson
Joshua Gibson
posted 4 weeks ago

I had suffered 18 months of neck and shoulder pain due to a high speed car crash. This left me unable to do any kind of upper body physical exercise.

Two sessions with Riz have massively improved the situation through a combination of light strengthening, mobility exercises and stretching.

After trying many other options to resolve the problem its been like a magic wand.

I couldn't recommended Riz more and I'll be right back if the pain and discomfort rears its head again.

Jake Goddard
Jake Goddard
posted 4 weeks ago

I met Riz at the Handforth Lifestyle Fitness whilst leaving after an intense session, I was complaining about my tennis elbow. I sat down with Riz for a consultation where he explained clearly what causes the pain and how I can relieve it. He treated the area and immediately the pain was relieved. Riz is charismatic and very knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone with sports injuries.

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