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Capital Physio is one of the fastest growing independent physiotherapy providers in the UK with clinics in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cambridge, Lincolnshire, and Doncaster. Our clinics are conveniently located and we can typically offer clients a physiotherapy appointment within 24 hours.

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Riikka V
Riikka V
posted 6 months ago

I can't recommend Capital Physio, and particularly Des Nazou, highly enough. I went to see Des because of two running injuries. Des treated both injuries through a series of physio sessions, providing very clear explanations for why I had injured myself in these ways and how I can avoid similar injuries in the future. I'm now back on track with my running training and feel confident that, thanks to Des' advice, I'll be able to continue to train injury-free. As a cherry on top, Des is really easy to get along with and we shared some good laughs during the physio sessions.

Lindsay Ratcliffe
Lindsay Ratcliffe
posted 6 months ago

Kam is my magic man! He always manages to putting my body back together when I have a problem. He's treated me for all kinds of injuries and wear and tear issues from my neck to my feet. From small niggles to debilitating pain. He knows his stuff. He's patient, he's empathetic and strong. I've recommended him to everyone I know who's needed any kind of physio treatment.

Yushi Redhead
Yushi Redhead
posted 7 months ago

I developed a shoulder problem in which I would have shooting pain that would start from left shoulder and travel down may left bicep. It was so bad that I couldn't even do a single press up. I had a total of 7 sessions with Des over about 2 months involving massage, acupuncture and leading to exercise that would 'teach' my shoulder to bare weight again. Des was incredibly professional and very friendly, she explained to me what was wrong and how she was going to get my shoulder back to normal. I was almost sad that my shoulder is now healed and I no longer have my regular sessions with Des.

Fantastic experience would highly recommend.

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