At Capital Physio we offer the following appointment types for our patients to benefit from. To find out pricing, please visit the relevant clinic page.

Physio Initial (30 minutes) – Available at all locations. This is our standard initial assessment and appointment type.

Physio Initial (60 minutes) – Available at all locations. This is particularly useful for those with multiple injuries or more complex needs that will require an extended assessment.

Physio follow up (60 minutes) – Available at all locations for those clients who need an extended period for their follow up.

Extended Rehab (60 minutes) –Available at our gym locations only. This is for those who are in the rehab stage of their treatment who may require more intensive support. These are not available online and can only be booked in by your Physio only.

3x Block of Extended Rehab Sessions – We offer the extended rehab sessions in a booklet. As per all our booklets, you get 10% off. These are available to be purchased via  our Client Care team.

6x Block of Physio Treatments – Available at all locations. Save 10% by purchasing a booklet.

BikeFit – This is a 1hr cycling assessment to ensure best posture and to help clients avoid injuries which could lead them to needing physiotherapy. It also helps improve power and performance and is ideal for any keen cyclist or tri-athlete. Available at our Bridge Street clinic with a London location coming soon.

RunFit – As per the bike fit, but for running. This 1hr assessment is a comprehensive look at muscle power, joint mobility and a video gait analysis. Runners are then prescribed a tailored management programme. These are available at all of our gym locations.

Sports Massage (30 & 60 minutes) – Our standard massage appointments are 30 minutes. However, 60 minutes is ideal for those who want a more intense massage or for those who require more than one area of the body massaged.

6x Block of Sports Massage sessions (30 & 60 minutes) – As per the above, but in blocks of six, again saving you 10%.