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How to survive the Winter Weather
How to survive the Winter Weather 28 Feb 2018

This week parts of the UK are experiencing some of the worst wintery conditions since 2010. In some areas police have warned of poor visibility and treacherous conditions, leading to travel disruptions and risk of injury whilst out on our [...]

Do Less to get More from your training
Do Less to get More from your training 15 Mar 2018

Runners often believe that in order to smash their goals, they need to be training hard, every single day… Can you blame them for thinking this? You want to get good at something, you’ve got to practice it! Right? Yes [...]

Winter is here…and so is Ski Season!
Winter is here…and so is Ski Season! 2 Jan 2018

So Christmas has been and gone, but ski season is well and truly still on! Although you may not be competing in the upcoming Winter Olympics, heading out to the slopes is still pretty demanding on the body and there [...]

The ‘Pain’ of Christmas Shopping
The ‘Pain’ of Christmas Shopping 5 Dec 2017

Tips to prevent injury during your days/weeks of shopping It’s the most wonderful time of the year (already) and it is time to start our yearly Christmas shop.  So, here are a few tips to keep away pre-existing aches and [...]

Fitness and Motivation at Christmas
Fitness and Motivation at Christmas 18 Dec 2017

Everyone’s favourite time of year has officially begun, Christmas parties and holidays often come along with a lack of exercise, throwing a balanced diet out of the window and a truck load of booze. It may seem like too much [...]

Disc Injury
Disc Injury 15 Nov 2017

What does my disc injury mean? So you have been suffering with back pain and you go to see your Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath or GP. You are told an all to familiar diagnosis of a ‘disc herniation’, ‘slipped disc’, ‘bulging [...]

Dynamic stretches for Runners
Dynamic stretches for Runners 7 Nov 2017

Dynamic stretching is an excellent way to prevent injuries and enhance performance. Dynamic stretches involve repetitively moving the muscles and joints through movements that mimic the sporting activity. It is typically executed as part of a warm-up. Some benefits to [...]

What is arthritis?
What is arthritis? 31 Oct 2017

What is arthritis? Arthritis basically means joint pain or joint disease. There are different types of arthritis which can present in different ways. It can be a debilitating disease, however, it can be managed effectively so that you can still [...]

Tower Running: Steps to recovery
Tower Running: Steps to recovery 3 Oct 2017

What is tower running? Running up hundreds of stairs to the top of the tallest skyscrapers in the world is the latest fitness craze. It’s popularity is increasing for those mad enough to want more of a challenge than flat [...]

Neck pain
Neck pain 26 Sep 2017

Neck Pain If you suffer from neck pain, your symptoms can be caused from a muscular, joint, or neural system dysfunction. A Physiotherapist can manage your pain with a thorough history, assessment of the joints, muscles, and neural structures, sound [...]