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Clumsy Christmas
Clumsy Christmas 21 Dec 2015

Introduction Christmas time, Mistletoe and wine. Your granny falls over all of the time… During Christmas day more than 80,000 people head over to A&E for treatment. From cuts and falls, to burns and food poisoning the nation’s clumsiness takes [...]

What is My Risk of Developing Ovarian Cancer?
What is My Risk of Developing Ovarian Cancer? 14 Dec 2015

Introduction A number of things can affect your risk of developing ovarian cancer. All women in the UK have a 1 in 54 chance of developing ovarian cancer so ovarian cancer is rare. Ovarian Cancer Action are campaigning for all women [...]

Jump Feet First into Christmas – Don’t Let Heel Pain Ruin Your Christmas Cheer!
Jump Feet First into Christmas – Don’t Let Heel Pain Ruin Your Christmas Cheer! 14 Dec 2015

Introduction: Plantar fasciitis, a pain or discomfort to the mid foot and heel, will affect 1 in 10 people across the UK. It is most common in those aged between 40-60 years and is twice as common in women as it [...]

The Sedentary Worker
The Sedentary Worker 5 Dec 2015

Introduction: It’s important to acknowledge that this blog isn’t just directed at the typical 9 til 5 office worker in the busy city. Any job or activity, whether you are a student, an author or even serving your jury service, [...]

Top Tips for Beginner Runners
Top Tips for Beginner Runners 21 Oct 2015

Introduction: Running is a great way to loose weight, increase your aerobic fitness and generally tone your body. It is a high impact sport and with the constant pounding and repetitive nature of the sport, injuries like shin splints, patella [...]

Questions from Womens Running
Questions from Womens Running 9 Nov 2015

Introduction For a feature running in the December 2015 issue of Womens Running Magazine Kiri Norton, Sports Therapist, was asked a serious of questions about running. See her full interview below and don’t forget to check out the full feature in Womens [...]

Enhance Football Performance
Enhance Football Performance 2 Sep 2015

Introduction The football season is back! Whether you are Lionel Messi or Joe Blogs playing down the park on a Sunday you’re going to want to be playing at your best and scoring that last minute deciding goal. The physical [...]

London challenge events – Ovarian Cancer Action
London challenge events – Ovarian Cancer Action 26 Sep 2015

Introduction Ovarian Cancer Action is very excited to have the opportunity to work with Capital Physio during their London challenge events season. Zoe from Ovarian Cancer Action gives us an overview on how challenge events help their charity and how you [...]

Top Tips For Cyclists
Top Tips For Cyclists 11 Jul 2015

Introduction Cycling is a very common cause of overuse injuries. Our therapist Kiri Norton gives her top tips for cyclists on how to be more efficient when cycling and how to reduce the risk of injury. Correct bike set up It [...]

Top Tips for New Mums
Top Tips for New Mums 18 May 2015

Introduction Giving birth is an exciting but often overwhelming time in your life, sparking huge changes to your lifestyle and your body. Here are some top tips from Sorcha Callaghan, a Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor at Capital Physio for newbie [...]