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Top Tips for Mums to be
Top Tips for Mums to be 18 May 2015

Introduction Pregnancy is an exciting but often overwhelming time in your life, sparking huge changes to your lifestyle and your body. Here are some top tips from Sorcha Callaghan, a Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor at Capital Physio. Don’t suffer in [...]

Benefits of massage therapy
Benefits of massage therapy 25 Apr 2015

Introduction Stressed out? Injured? Feeling lethargic? Want a better quality of life? Why not get a massage? Massage therapist, Charlotte Sullivan from our sister clinic at The Massage Group in Crowborough looks into the benefits of massage. Benefits of regular [...]

Nightrider 2015 Partnership
Nightrider 2015 Partnership 5 Feb 2015

Capital Physio are excited to announce that we have become the official Physiotherapy partner for Nightrider 2015, an overnight 100 km cycling event spanning across iconic London landmarks. Nightrider will aim to raise over £2 million for various charities at [...]

Win a massage EVERY month for a YEAR!
Win a massage EVERY month for a YEAR! 6 Feb 2015

We’ve teamed up with Men’s Fitness Magazine to offer one lucky winner a massage every single month for a whole year. Sure, it’s the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for fitness fans, but we won’t tell anyone if you decide to [...]

Weight Gain Diet and Training Plan for Rugby Players
Weight Gain Diet and Training Plan for Rugby Players 27 Jan 2015

Battling to Bulk The rugby season is well underway with the premiership and national teams all battling it out for the top spot and it seems the country is becoming mad on rugby! It’s great to watch the game and [...]

Ski season top tips
Ski season top tips 2 Jan 2015

A Quick Overview Of Your 2014-15 Ski Season I for one have a massive love / hate relationship with winter. It’s cold, it’s dark, but this also means that I get to layer up with the new season knitwear and [...]

Calories on Christmas
Calories on Christmas 1 Dec 2014

Introduction It has been a summer of sport, exercise and healthy dieting but Christmas is fast approaching. During the Christmas period the average Brit will gain over ½ a stone, according to the British Dietetic Association. Our therapist Kiri Norton [...]

How To Finding the Pilates class and Instructor for you
How To Finding the Pilates class and Instructor for you 28 Oct 2014

Introduction Finding the appropriate Pilates class and instructor can be hard. Particularly because the title of “Pilates Instructor” is not protected. There is a nationally recognised qualification for teaching mat work Pilates. However, there is no standardised qualification for teaching [...]

Physiotherapist or Sports Therapist?
Physiotherapist or Sports Therapist? 30 Jul 2014

How to know if you need Physiotherapy or Sports Therapy We often have clients enquiring whether they need Physiotherapy or Sports Therapy, and which practitioner can offer the most appropriate treatment for their injury. The short answer is that both [...]

Ice Baths, do they work?
Ice Baths, do they work? 27 Jun 2014

A fast recovery from an injury is vital to the athlete and equally, a fast recovery from an intense training programme is just as important. For many years, Cryotherapy and cold water immersion (the use of ice and ice baths) [...]