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The ‘Pain’ of Christmas Shopping
The ‘Pain’ of Christmas Shopping 5 Dec 2017

Tips to prevent injury during your days/weeks of shopping It’s the most wonderful time of the year (already) and it is time to start our yearly Christmas shop.  So, here are a few tips to keep away pre-existing aches and [...]

Disc Injury
Disc Injury 15 Nov 2017

What does my disc injury mean? So you have been suffering with back pain and you go to see your Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath or GP. You are told an all to familiar diagnosis of a ‘disc herniation’, ‘slipped disc’, ‘bulging [...]

Dynamic stretches for Runners
Dynamic stretches for Runners 7 Nov 2017

Dynamic stretching is an excellent way to prevent injuries and enhance performance. Dynamic stretches involve repetitively moving the muscles and joints through movements that mimic the sporting activity. It is typically executed as part of a warm-up. Some benefits to [...]

What is arthritis?
What is arthritis? 31 Oct 2017

What is arthritis? Arthritis basically means joint pain or joint disease. There are different types of arthritis which can present in different ways. It can be a debilitating disease, however, it can be managed effectively so that you can still [...]

Neck pain
Neck pain 26 Sep 2017

Neck Pain If you suffer from neck pain, your symptoms can be caused from a muscular, joint, or neural system dysfunction. A Physiotherapist can manage your pain with a thorough history, assessment of the joints, muscles, and neural structures, sound [...]

Why Surgeons are supporting Physio’s and not operating on hips
Why Surgeons are supporting Physio’s and not operating on hips 28 Sep 2017

The Hip: Some facts The hip is made of the acetabulum on the pelvis and the head of the thigh bone. The synovial, ball and socket joint, allows for multi-directional movement and it is designed for weight bearing and stability.  [...]

Postural tips and advice for the work environment
Postural tips and advice for the work environment 25 Sep 2017

With September now upon us and summer coming to a close, many of us are returning to our work. Additionally, many children and young adults will be starting a new academic year; whether that be at school, college and  University for [...]

IBS and Exercise
IBS and Exercise 1 Sep 2017

Irritable Bowel Syndrome …an annoying, intrusive problem to have. The ‘I’m so sorry’ look at your waiter and friends as you start your list of dietary requirements. Or just generally feeling uncomfortable all of the time, so much so it can [...]

Using exercise to treat anxiety – the facts!
Using exercise to treat anxiety – the facts! 29 Aug 2017

What are the facts about using exercise to treat anxiety? Thanks to media exposure and celebrities opening up, we speak about anxiety disorders more and more. This is a hugely positive step as anxiety or any other mental health illness [...]

Practical Manual Handling Tips for 2017
Practical Manual Handling Tips for 2017 3 Aug 2017

“Lift with your legs!”…………..sound familiar? In most work places I’m sure we’ve all had the same manual handling training about how to lift objects ‘safely’. However, manual handling may not be as important as we think. New research is suggesting [...]