Deansgate Physio Clinic: Physiotherapy in Manchester City Centre

Operating from a dedicated treatment room within Lifestyle Fitness, Capital Physio’s Deansgate Physio clinic aims to pack as much punch as its London counterparts and offers exceptional physiotherapy in Manchester city centre. The clinic offers a full range of Physiotherapy treatments, delivered by experienced and chartered Physiotherapists.

The clinic’s central location, with free parking at the AMC cinema, make the Deansgate Physio clinic the ideal choice for the professionals working in or out of Manchester city centre.

First choice for functional rehabilitation

At our Deansgate clinic, top class Physiotherapy in Manchester is available to members and non-members of Lifestyle Fitness, who benefit from an impressive range of rehabilitation equipment. The gym is fitted out with functional rigs and state of the art equipment, making it the ideal spot for patients returning from injury or preparing for surgery.

At the Deansgate Physio clinic, we provide care packages tailored to the individual. Core treatments include strapping, taping, massage therapy and bodywork, acupuncture, electrotherapy, and joint manipulations. Our expert physiotherapists also provide structured exercise plans, biomechanical analysis, and injury prevention advice.

With 3 clinics operating in Manchester, Capital Physio offers a choice of locations to suit you.

The Great Northern
253 Deansgate
M3 4EN

033 0333 0435


Opening hours

  • Monday
    08.00 - 20.00
  • Tuesday
    08.00 - 20.00
  • Wednesday
    08.00 - 20.00
  • Thursday
    08.00 - 20.00
  • Friday
    08.00 - 20.00


  • Free Consultation (New Clients)
  • Physiotherapy

Making people happy

What our customers say about the Deansgate clinic

Elisabeth Welburn
Elisabeth Welburn
posted 2 weeks ago

Riz saw me for my knee which the doctors said was dislocated but in actual fact it turns out my knee had 'slid in place' and agitated the cartilage. Such a relief to know I wouldn't have be on crutches or in a brace for months like the doctor had said ! Riz explained the problem and it only took a handful of sessions to fix. He was well informed, professional and had a friendly attitude and I would recommend him to anybody who seeks a great physio with a reasonable price

Tamsyn Mitchell
Tamsyn Mitchell
posted 1 week ago

I prett much have physio every week with these guys no mater how big or small my niggle may be. I am confident after every session that my body has been set on the correct path for recovery and maintenance. The team at capital physio are invaluable to my training goals.

Carys Bird
Carys Bird
posted 1 month ago

Excellent physio, Riz fixed me right up. I didn't realise how little I could move my neck until it was better, it had been so long since i have full range of motion in it! Very friendly, easy to talk to, really good price and central location. highly recommend 🙂 My boyfriend is about to start having some physio there too.