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Prevent unnecessary injuries. Increase comfort. Improve performance

Today, Capital Physio introduces a new approach to biomechanics and orthotics that will make increased performance, heightened comfort and unnecessary injury prevention accessible to more fitness fans than ever.

Until now, sports enthusiasts have been forced to choose between extremely expensive bespoke orthotics or off the shelf solutions that often offer little or no benefit. This is set to change with an affordable and effective solution from Capital Physio’s brand new Biomechanics Assessment packages.

London’s fastest growing physiotherapy provider has created packages including initial and follow up consultations with fully qualified Sports and Rehabilitation Therapists and semi-customised orthotics.

Correctly fitted orthotics are effective in providing support, comfort and targeted pain relief by re-distributing pressure points, improving balance, control and weight distribution. General wellbeing is also improved by ensuring the overall fit of your shoes is as comfortable as possible, so you feel great on your feet at all times!


The Four Step Process

Biomechanics assessment

A fully qualified Sports and Rehabilitation Therapist will assess your whole body in relation to your feet, including spine, pelvis, knees, ankles and feet. This detailed analysis will allow them to prescribe the most effective orthotic for you as well as providing training and injury prevention advice specific to your needs. The assessment will last for half an hour.

Digital foot scan
Capital Physio has invested in revolutionary digital foot scanning technology to ensure an in depth analysis for every client. Incorporating state-of-the-art digital scanners and pressure sensors, iStep accurately measures foot size and determines arch types and pressure points.

Following assessment and scan, you will be prescribed orthotics to improve performance, prevent unnecessary injuries and improve comfort. Capital Physio won’t just be offering sports performance specific orthotics. In fact, they can also be tailored for work shoes and even high heels. You can choose a package offering either one or two pairs of orthotics, so if required you can choose a pair designed for sport and a pair designed for casual wear.

Every package includes a 30 day guarantee offering your money back for orthotics or an exchange for a new pair. Usually you will be able to take your orthotics home with you the very same day, but if the best fit for you is unavailable it will be provided within a week of your appointment.

Follow up assessment
A fully qualified physiotherapist will evaluate your orthotics after you have been using them for one or two weeks, taking time to discuss with you how they have affected your comfort levels and offering expert advice on how they can best help your training regime. If required, your orthotics will be replaced to ensure they are the best fit possible for both your body and lifestyle. The assessment will last for half an hour.


Capital Physio Biomechanics Assessments are available from Monday 26th January 2015 at Capital Physio’s St Pancras Clinic at 97-99 Judd Street, WC1H 9JG. Orthotics can also be purchased separately at £65 + VAT for one pair, or £55 + VAT per pair for multiple purchases. To find out more click here.