Making Informed Decisions

There are a large number of conditions treated by physiotherapy, with treatment proving to be very effective in helping patients recover fully.

While there are many sub-specialties of physiotherapy, we focus on treating musculoskeletal problems – that means injuries affecting bones, joints, muscles and nerves.

Physiotherapy is particularly effective at treating conditions that cause pain or impact function.

We Can Help More Than You Think

Most people think physiotherapy is just for sports injuries and back pain. While physiotherapy treatment can be very successful for both of these, we can help with much more.

Other common conditions treated by physiotherapy include joint pain and arthritis, discomfort during pregnancy, work related problems and tension headaches. We happen to be pretty good at treating running injuries too.

We also play a key role in improving general health, mobility and quality of life. Physiotherapy can be a very effective way to speed up recovery after surgery and help manage symptoms in neurological disease and cancer patients.

Our Expert Physiotherapists Can Help

Common Injuries and Conditions Treated by Physiotherapy

To help you understand how physiotherapy might help, we have written about some of the most common injuries and conditions treated by physiotherapy. This is not an exhaustive list but aims to help you make an informed decision about treatment options.

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