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The marathon is fast approaching and the majority of you are beginning to tackle the big 20-mile runs. I am seeing a lot of clients with small niggles and very tired legs posing the question “why am I doing this?”. It is easy to lack motivation when you’re physically and mentally exhausted but remember, you’ve made it this far and reaching twenty miles doesn’t happen overnight! I’ve put down a few points on paper to keep you mentally stimulated over the next few weeks before you take the starting line and own that 26.2 miles!

Marathon motivation

  1. The amount of calories you’re burning

Research suggests you burn an average of 2,500 calories from running a marathon- that’s 16.5 crème eggs you can devour guilt-free.


  1. The joy of true accomplishment

Strolling into the office with your medal hanging from your neck- “Oh its not a big deal, I just ran around London with thousands of people watching, what did you do this weekend?”


  1. Crossing the finish line

Experiencing the special exhilaration that only marathon runners get to enjoy- and the cheeky photo that you get to stick on your fridge door


  1. Rediscovering yourself

Nothing unleashes your true potentials like marathon running. You are showing what you’re made of, and the power of your mental and physical strength. Rename yourself the miracle maker.


  1. Pleasing The Queen

The Queen is behind the change in distance from 25 miles to 26.2 miles because she wanted to watch the finishers from the Royal Palace, which resulted in extending the distance.  Be sure to give Her Royal Highness a little wink as you cruise over the line.


  1. George Bush, Richard Branson and Gordon Ramsay did it!

Your opportunity to join the stars in success, or if you’re feeling competitive- beat their times.


  1. Enjoy looking in the mirror

Instead of looking in the mirror and thinking ‘ Who is that huge elephant wearing my pyjamas!?’ you can now think ‘who is that handsome well-rounded athlete’. Compliments in your tightest trousers/skirt- tick.


  1. The oldest person marathon runner

Fauja Singh, aged 101, is the oldest person to complete the course. Sorry, what was your excuse again?



  1. Boost of self-confidence

You are achieving something amazing, and it is all down to your own hard work.  Take full credit for that and show it off through your newly found self-belief and determination. Nothing will ever seem out of your comfort zone now!


  1. If all else fails…

You will be provided with free sweets throughout the course, and there will be a beer truck at the finish line. The faster you run, the quicker you can be celebrating victory with a nice refreshing pint in your hand. Better get moving!



By Olivia Crabb


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