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Physio for Business Services

Staff Benefits at No Cost

Our corporate health partnership is a simple way for businesses to provide some additional health care benefits for their staff at no extra cost to the business.

Provided that the organisation meets our corporate partnership criteria, we are able to offer generous discounts on physiotherapy and wellbeing services across all our clinics and on work based services. We will also provide regular on-site health and events throughout the year, free of charge.

Corporate Health Partnership

We will initially arrange for one of our business representatives to meet with you. They will find out about your businesses needs and discuss what partnerships options are available to your organisation.

Following sign up, our corporate health team will work with you to arrange a launch event at your site or one of our clinics, where your employees can sign up for a free physiotherapy consultation/advice. We also look to host regular follow up events and work closely with your internal communications team to promote the service.