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Don’t let an injury get you down. Get seen today by Capital Physio’s experienced, Chartered Physiotherapists operating in London, Cambridge, Manchester, and Birmingham.


Terms and Conditions

All prepaid appointments are subject to our normal terms and conditions. Please also read the patient information.

All appointments are subject to a 24-hour cancellation policy.

Redemption Instructions - Please Read Carefully

To redeem your prepaid physiotherapy session(s), please call our admin team on 033 0333 0435 and quote the order number from your confirmation email. They will set you up with the relevant contract and add the credit to your account.

A typical course of treatment is 5-7 sessions. We recommend you purchase 4 sessions initially to save you time calling up to add credit between treatments. Your physiotherapist will have a good idea on how many more treatments you’ll need after that and advise you accordingly.