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Decrease your risk of injury at the London Marathon
Decrease your risk of injury at the London Marathon 24 Mar 2018

The London marathon, one month approach to the start line… Feeling uneasy? The clocks are ticking! Are you feeling a bit nervous in the last months run up to the London Marathon? Unsure if you are training too little, too [...]

How to survive the Winter Weather
How to survive the Winter Weather 28 Feb 2018

This week parts of the UK are experiencing some of the worst wintery conditions since 2010. In some areas police have warned of poor visibility and treacherous conditions, leading to travel disruptions and risk of injury whilst out on our [...]

New Year New Me
New Year New Me 2 Jan 2018

Happy New Year from us at Capital Physio, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas! As we enter January we all have new goals and resolutions to kick off the New Year to a good start. Many people want to [...]

Dynamic stretches for Runners
Dynamic stretches for Runners 7 Nov 2017

Dynamic stretching is an excellent way to prevent injuries and enhance performance. Dynamic stretches involve repetitively moving the muscles and joints through movements that mimic the sporting activity. It is typically executed as part of a warm-up. Some benefits to [...]

What is arthritis?
What is arthritis? 31 Oct 2017

What is arthritis? Arthritis basically means joint pain or joint disease. There are different types of arthritis which can present in different ways. It can be a debilitating disease, however, it can be managed effectively so that you can still [...]

Neck pain
Neck pain 26 Sep 2017

Neck Pain If you suffer from neck pain, your symptoms can be caused from a muscular, joint, or neural system dysfunction. A Physiotherapist can manage your pain with a thorough history, assessment of the joints, muscles, and neural structures, sound [...]