Adem Sogular graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in 2013, immediately pursuing his passion for musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

Starting in the NHS, he soon progressed into football working with various clubs including; Barnet, Brentford and West Ham FC.

With a passion for injury prevention, Adem’s aim is to identify and correct biomechanical issues that lead to injury. Working on muscle function, mobility and strength through exercise, he utilises a variety of manual techniques including massage, joint mobilisations, electrotherapy and more to help clients achieve their goals – whether that be to improve daily function or return to sport.


Adem Sogular can be found at the following clinics

Camden Town

Camden Physio
Oasis Business Centre
85-87 Bayham Street

033 0333 0435

Closed (8.00 - 18.00)

Chancery Lane

12a Leather Lane
London EC1N 7SS
United Kingdom

033 0333 0435

Closed (08.00 - 20.00)

Adem Sogular