Alex Iavu started practicing Martial Arts (Taekwondo ITF) at an early age and in his 20 years of practice he became a multiple national champion. From 2001 until 2007, he was selected in the Romanian National Taekwondo Team. During these years he has won multiple international competitions becoming European and World Champion at different categories. He is a Black Belt 2nd degree. His sports experience has led him to a better understanding of the different stresses and tensions that may be placed upon the body during a competition and training.

Alex started his massage career in 2005 during his studies of Kinesiology at the University of Physical Education and Sports in Romania (2004-2008) and improved his knowledge about the human anatomy, bio-mechanics. It was during this time he was introduced to Sports and Remedial Massage. Since then he has become increasingly interested in sports injuries and has decided to develop his skills further.

Since 2010 Alex has been working in London, mainly in the private sector, treating professional and amateur athletes from swimmers, cyclists and tri-athletes to power lifters, boxers, football and rugby players. He is also dealing with general injuries and realigning poor posture for overworked office workers. Using his knowledge and expertise, Alex provides a comprehensive service that covers past or recent injuries, tight and achy muscles and, essential maintenance massage to combat the negative effects of daily life and stresses on body. Every patient is assessed for their individual needs and treated using a variety of methods including soft and deep tissue, trigger point release, sports and remedial techniques.

In his spare time he enjoys running, practicing martial arts and going for long walks with his dog.

Alex Iavu can be found at the following clinics

Cannon Street/Monument

68 King William Street
London EC4N 7DZ

033 0333 0435

Alex Iavu