Francesco has experience working with a number of elite athletes, including footballers, triathletes, cyclists, volley and basketball players. 

He specialises in surgical reconstruction and rehabilitation including isokinetic. As a result, Francesco has acquired the skills to identify the root of his clients pain and isolate what it is that is holding them back. He offers a personalised rehabilitation program to achieve maximum results and often exceeds treatment goals. 

In addition to practising acupuncture, clinical Pilates and postural rehabilitation techniques, Francesco has been developing his skills in the field of occupational health. This enables him to diagnose and treat the clinical needs of work related injuries. 

Francesco Rizzo can be found at the following clinics

St. Paul’s

Keith Burns & Associates
7 Ludgate Broadway


Liverpool Street

Capital Physio
Bannatyne’s Health Club
Tower 42 Estate
20 Old Broad Street

033 0333 0435

Francesco Rizzo