Nat has spent big part of her life in Scotland where she has acquired a Masters degree of Physiotherapy from Glasgow Caledonian University and a Bachelors degree of Sports Biomedicine from the University of Dundee.

Since graduating Nat has been working in Vocational Rehabilitation and Occupational Health settings, helping people overcome various musculoskeletal injuries and health conditions in order to stay in work, return to work and improve their quality of life. She believes that there is a right activity for everyone, whether it’s work-related or exercise-related. With a tailored approach, everyone can manage and overcome their injuries while still participating in the activities they enjoy.

Nat is extremely passionate about assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and sports related injuries. She is skilled in multiple techniques to treat these conditions such as joint mobilisation, soft tissue release and muscle energy techniques. While completing her Masters degree, Nat has developed various manual skills and knowledge working with Scottish Rugby teams as well as Spanish football club Villareal CF.

In addition to being a Physiotherapist, Nat is also a certified NASM level 4 Personal Trainer, OTAGO exercise instructor and FatBurn Extreme instructor. She is extremely passionate about strength and conditioning and believes that physiotherapy plays a crucial role in sports performance, injury prevention and even aesthetic goals.

During her spare time Nat enjoys strength training, boxing, snowboarding, playing guitar and travelling as well as attending various music events Manchester has got to offer.

Nat Chorosajeva