Nik has worked both in private clinics and military hospitals since graduating from University. He has a strong background in general musculoskeletal and spinal conditions, and a keen interest in sports injuries and rehabilitation.

Nik possesses a broad spectrum of hands-on treatment techniques in his arsenal, specialising in Manual Therapy, including IASTM Ergon Technique, joint manipulations and soft-tissue release techniques, in order to provide optimum personalized treatment for his clients. He strongly supports that functional rehabilitation and tailored strength and conditioning is the critical element to his clients’ long term recovery success rates.

As he believes, evaluation is key for a successful treatment; Nik will go through movement and gait analysis in full detail and assess his patients’ posture and biomechanics to offer advice and education on pain self-management and injury prevention. Whether you just want to live pain-free or you are an elite athlete looking to progress to the next level or anywhere in between, Nik will help you get there!

Nikolaos Chatziviltsos can be found at the following clinics


The Great Northern
253 Deansgate
M3 4EN

Nikolaos Chatziviltsos