Paige graduated from Surrey Institute of Osteopathic medicine (SIOM) in 2017 with a first class honours M’Ost degree. Paige’s love for helping others and improving their quality of life is what lead to her become an Osteopath.

Paige enjoys working with clients from all walks of life and adopts a structural, holistic approach to care. Her treatment is patient centred, assessing your overall well-being and providing advice on how you can prevent injury from reoccurring. She draws upon a wide variety of techniques including soft tissue massage, joint manipulations, articulations, muscle energy techniques, and stretching in order to help relieve pain and improve functioning.

Before training to become an Osteopath, Paige was an International swimmer. She trained over 4 hours a day and competed for London GB on several occasions. Paige’s impressive athletic background taught her early on about the importance of a fully functioning body. We must be in optimal condition in order to perform at our best. Her knowledge and experience have helped her treat a number of athletes and runners competing in the London marathon, where she has volunteered for CRY Charity on many occasions.

Paige is qualified in dry needling, sports massage and provides APPI Matwork Pilates. She is fully insured and registered with the General Osteopathic Council. Paige is keen to expand her knowledge and plans to incorporate some additional qualifications into her skill set in the upcoming year.

She believes it’s important to lead an active lifestyle and regularly partakes in swimming, Pilates and rock climbing.

Paige Kern can be found at the following clinics

Harley Street

42 Harley St
London W1G 9PR


St. Paul’s

Keith Burns & Associates
7 Ludgate Broadway


Paige Kern