Before Ryan was a Physiotherapist he spent 6 years as a Royal Marine living and working in Plymouth, when not deployed somewhere on the globe. Towards the end of his time in the Marines Ryan was inspired by the Military Physio and Rehab team who put him back together on more than one occasion after a long deployment. When he left the Marines in 2005 due to injury, he spent the next few years working towards being a qualified Physiotherapist. When he qualified in 2011 he found that he was drawn to the Musculoskeletal specialism of Physiotherapy and to the idea of one day helping injured servicemen with end stage rehab in an acute trauma setting.

Ryan’s physiotherapy practice revolves around the use of appropriate loading which incorporates functional movement into the assessment, treatment and general rehab…this approach is grounded in his love of manual therapy and exercise prescription.

Ryan Steer can be found at the following clinics

London Bridge

Capital Physio
140–148 Borough High Street

033 0333 0435

Old Street

Lower ground
15 Worship Street
City Of London

033 0333 0435

Ryan Steer