Give yourself an edge this year by making physical health part of your everyday routine.

We are best know for Physio, which most people associate with fixing an injury.

Hands on treatment is a big part of our role and a great way to quickly get rid of aches, pains and niggles. But for those serious about keeping in shape, we go way beyond.

We also work with a growing number of clients who don’t have injuries  but are taking up a new sporting challenge, changing up their routine, or looking for a competitive edge. It sounds obvious but preventing an injury is much better than trying to recover from one.

If you’ve picked up an injury already, we can help you adapt your training and get you back on track. And if you’ve started a new challenge or decided to ramp up your training, we can take you through a full screening process and address any issues before they cause an injury.

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We are also giving all new clients at Harley Street 50% off their first session Physio, Osteo, 1:1 Pilates or Massage throughout January to celebrate the relaunch of the clinic. Just enter HARLEY50 at checkout. This offers applies to 60-minute sessions only.

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